Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance

InterLogic Worldwide Logistics’ innovative cargo insurance and loss prevention solutions not only protect your goods during transit, they help you safely navigate the rough waters of today’s global shipping industry, from ship to shore, warehouse-to-warehouse, door-to-door.

Cargo Insurance covers loss and/or damage during the movement of cargo from one point to another. Shipment coverage can be by sea, air or inland. Policies are tailored to suit individual shipper’s needs. Coverage can be provided for all risks or named perils basis.

  • All risk and third party coverage can be underwritten for exporters, importers & third-parties.
  • Comprehensive coverage for goods in transit can be enhanced to include warehouse storage for consolidation risks
  • Worldwide master policies, including locally admitted coverage as required, are available
  • Underwriting, claims, recovery, loss control, and risk management services provided by InterLogic Worldwide Logistics’ Marine Specialists throughout the world

InterLogic Worldwide Logistics’ all-risk cargo insurance policy provides the most comprehensive cargo insurance coverage in today’s global market. Our insurance policy can help protect your valuable goods, whether shipping by land, sea or air.

Superior Claims-Handling:
In the unfortunate of a loss or damage, you can rely on the claims handling of InterLogic Worldwide Logistics to help minimize business interruption.

To find out how InterLogic Worldwide Logistics can better protect the products that are being shipped and help you understand the risks and hazards of domestics and overseas shipments, contact our Transportation Specialist.

The InterLogic Worldwide Logistics’ Cargo Insurance Difference:


  • Comprehensive control of worldwide cargo insurance coverage
  • Local surveys, claims-handling and loss-recovery services
  • Electronic cargo certificate of insurance documentation issuance and claims reporting
  • Automated traffic
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